Mission Statement 

Dreams are a series of thoughts and images that occur while a person is asleep.  Unfortunately, many dreams are left unrecovered due to a lack of confidence.  The premise of our company is to not allow a dream to just be a dream, but instead allow our dreams to motivate us and the culture.  Driven by curiosity, GUUDreams vision is filled with uplifting thoughts and relentless ambition.  We strive to help people make their dreams become a reality and to keep pushing no matter the obstacles that may try to stop them in the process. Keep your dreams closer and watch the blessing fall into your lap. 


My grandmother would say good dreams, instead of goodnight. So it just felt destined, you know?
— Kha

"Made in the Clouds" 

GUUDreams is not just clothing. GUUDreams is a vision we have; a vision driven by our passion for peace, love, and the confidence to chase our dreams.

We live in a time period where life is pretty much planned out for us. The youth of our generation are told to go to school, go to college, and sit at a desk for the rest of their lives. We know because we are part of the youth and victims of this standard. GUUDreams represents following your dreams and fighting through adversity, whether it's big or small. GUUDreams is not just clothing. Keep your dreams closer, its more than just a saying, its a lifestyle.

I’ve always felt destined to be something great. I knew I wanted to be in the business field as a kid, so to be able to sell something we’ve created while spreading a positive message is definitely something I’m proud of.
— Hal